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Domestic violence victims pay personally in so many ways and some people can not see with the human eye. Domestic violence victims most likely lose wages from their job because they are traumatized and it is hard to sit down and some lose their jobs all together because they are too anxious to hold down a job. Some victims have children that are traumatized and the kids need counseling and extra attention so working becomes very hard. A lot of domestic violence victims are not living in their family home because they are running from the abuser so when they are going safe house to safe house it is hard to work outside of the home. Another thing people do not consider the expense of running from the abuser if there are no safe houses available you need to go from hotel-to-hotel. One of the biggest expenses most domestic violence victims have is their lawyer. In order to ensure they are safe and they file restraining orders and there is a fight for the order they need a good lawyer. Lawyers are expensive but they are worth it when you are fighting for your safety and children.

Domestic violence victims struggle psychologically because they are terrified and it affects their entire body. It affects the way the act and interact with people. They are embarrassed, scared, angry, sad. They are mad at the abuser. They are scared of the abuser. They mourn the abuser and that makes people misunderstand their motives and feelings. There are so many psychological things that go on inside the mind, body and spirit of a domestic violence victim it is hard to understand.

Most domestic violence victims are awarded victim’s compensation. This can be in the form of money, and security items such as keys, alarms, and other things that make the victim feel more safe. Domestic violence victims in my county are taken very good care of by advocates. You have district attorney advocates, county advocates, Tessa advocates, and if you are military you have armed forces community service advocates. There are a lot of people and resources to help women now. A lot of these resources were not there years ago and the victims really suffered in silence more than they do now. A domestic violence victim for the most part does most of their suffering during the abusive relationship but the suffering continues because most victims end up changing their entire life. At first, changing their life is devastating but eventually they settle in and they realize they are better off, however, getting from A to B is very difficult.

Tessa is a great organization that works hard to ensure the safety of the victims. They offer so many free programs for the victim and their families. The best thing the victim can do is reach out or accept the help they are given. The worst thing they can do is refuse the help because anything that can make the victims life easier or more comfortable the better because they are struggling enough as it is.

Lastly, the domestic violence victim will look over their shoulder for the rest of their life if the abuser is set free that is a loss that will continue to impact the abused. It is so sad this happens but it happens over and over again. No one wins in domestic violence situations. The abuser needs help but he also is a danger to himself and others so it is a hard call all around.


When someone thinks of victims of domestic violence, I am sure that personal losses come to mind, but to what extent? Do we only think of the physical anguish that it may cause yet forget about other factors such as financial, emotional and psychological distresses? Personal losses vary and although they may appear in different forms, the variation still exists.

To take a better look into these different areas and the types of losses than can occur I’ll give examples of each. I will begin with financial losses which may vary depending on the crime but in the case of domestic victimization the first thing that comes to mind is the money the victim is out seeking justice and support. The victims are charged for services like these along with bills that will occur when medical or dental care is needed. Also loss of work, having to take time off to heal and deal hinders the victims finances.

Now on the losses in the physical category, to me physical losses for domestic violence can range anywhere from a bodily impairment due to the abuse to physical objects lost during the abuse, possible a home destroyed along with things of sentiment that may have been done as the fight occured or that could have been used as a weapon. These physical losses can also broaden the impact of other losses including those I have listed.

I am going to place emotional and psychological losses together as I touch base on them. These can range from loss of security, self-esteem, self-respect, lead to depression or PTSD, just to name a few. The victim may want to isolate themselves to try to cope with what has happened or out of shame or humiliation, but the isolation lessens the support that the victim can receive. Although financial losses can (for the most part) be recovered, the emotional and psychological effects can be long lasting.

Rights that are afforded to Victims are being able to bring the case into the court of law, to be present when doing so and seek justice. They have the right to be treated with dignity, for protection, for privacy. The list is actually fairly long, especially when compared to the fact that there use to be no such thing as victims rights. Areas are different, but some even have adopted special rights for certain types of victimization, such as domestic violence, that focus on specific needs. When it comes to these rights being ensured I think that is largely up to the justice system and other departments thereof.


According to Tjaden and Thoennes, there is not much difference in the rates of domestic violence victims between different races. Mixed races confuse and can hurt the surveys in order to get accurate numbers of the abuse victims, (2000).

Bottom line, every woman of every color, size, shape, IQ, educational level can be abused. Most victims suffer in silence so there will probably never be an accurate number. Most woman that suffer from abuse in a domestic setting struggles with the truth themselves. The domestic violence victim does not want any of this to happen. The domestic violence victim wants their family unit to be strong and loving. No woman wakes up and decides to start being abused, however, they do wake up and know they have a family to take care of. Most victims do not come forward because they can’t afford to leave and you can bet that the abuser is making sure that fear gets stronger and stronger. Abusers abuse and they manipulate a victim to the point they do not recognize themselves so it is easier to keep taking the abuse because you do not recognize yourself because the person that started the journey with the abuser is no longer staring back to them in the mirror.

Right now at this hour somewhere in America there is a victim being hit, yelled at, humiliated, and in some cases murdered. There will never be an end to domestic violence while the victims can hide from the truth from themselves so covering it up becomes second nature. Campaigns are important to get the message out that victims do not have to suffer but it is up to the victim to leave because they finally had enough. Be patient with a victim because their mind is scrambled like an egg.


In my area there are not many people that come from India. There is a lot of white, Hispanic, African, some Chinese, and Japanese. One time I observed this couple who was shopping and were from India and dressed according to their religion (which I have nothing against). This couple was around the age of mid 50’s. The lady was pushing the cart as he walked around with his hands behind him as he commanded orders to her. A few people were looking for a check out’s available and I found one available and the lady was parking her cart behind me. I assume the husband did not like that register as he hollered at his wife, “not that you stupid idiot!”. I was like woah! The poor lady did nothing. Did not look at him, ever, kept her head down, and hurried to move to the lane he wanted. I felt so bad for her, I couldn’t imagine want went on behind closed doors.

In the article I found on Capella library states a study based in India from 2005 to 2006. Kimuna stated that 31 % of the people who responded to the survey have experienced domestic violence, as well as, 8% have experienced sexual violence. This article also stated that people whom are wealthy, live upper scale, and affiliate with Christianity have lower chances of falling into a relationship with domestic violence. Kimuna also states that women whom married men who are drunks are at risk to experience domestic violence.

I believe the only way this can really chance in any culture is for people to keep letting people know that violence is very inappropriate. This includes physical, sexual, and verbal violence. Many times in different cultures they have different traditions and believes that have been followed for thousands of years. Cultures also believe that women are only there to cook, clean, and birth children. It will be very difficult to try and change this thinking process, but it can be done now more than ever since generations are changing and are more open to change today.