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Choose four of the following discussion topics and write a one well developed paragraph essay for each of your choices. Each essay must be typed and formatted using current MLA guidelines. The paragraphs will be evaluated based on a stated topic (sentence), support for the topic, grammar, format, and conclusion (or transition). ( 1 paragraph for each topic you choose . total should be 4 paragraphs )

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1-Describe / Discuss what Popular (Pop) Culture is, and why is important that it is investigated. Please use examples wherever possible for this short essay.

2-Relate in detail any activities that you have participated in at NVCC outside of your classes. (This can be written in 1st Person POV)

3-Read and summarize a current topic or event that that has recently made news headlines.

4-Summarize a recent film that you have seen…please do not use reviews or trailers.

5-Discuss the elements of a Thesis Statement / Main Idea / Main Point of an essay. Describe what it is, perhaps what it is not, and why it is important to the work.

6-Describe in detail one of the three photos provide with this assignment on Blackboard.

7-Describe / Relate why you chose to attend NVCC, and what your future educational plans are. (This can be written in 1st Person POV)