Written report of field observation research: Skate park Observation project –Who Skateboarding More?

This simulation research report will draw on the work i have done on the field, in this case which would be the skate park that is located in San Diego downtown, the Washington street skate park and two other skate parks, Belvedere park skatepark and chicano park skatepark as supplementary. In the report you will discuss your research question(s), related scholarly readings(which i will provide), your research methods, and your findings. This report will hold no specific academic purposes rather than a writing assignment, you will not be evaluated on the reality of your finding, so all related figures, characters, or findings could be fiction, but the description of the parks themselves need to be realistic because they are real locations use gallery to easily figure it out. The only things matter would be the research questions and the method that to approach and the way how you put those together with related scholarly readings. I will also provide a sample to show how it should be done. The main research question is related to gender, specific questions would be: how skateboarding associates with gender and how different gender behave differently in skate park? What is the relationship between different gender in skateboarding activities? and so on. All questions that are listed here(but not limited to) need to be answered. The report should includes sub-questions that under the main topic ” who skateboarding more”, such as questions that about race and ethnic groups that associate among three skate parks. I also will include my field journal to help you figure out what is going on, but plz use your imagination.

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