Written communication

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please follow the instructions below

I choose green chemistry

Your paper and presentation will be about an active area of research or “hot topic” in natural science today. Under the umbrella term of natural science, you may choose a topic in any field (including biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, medicine, environmental science, etc.). Social scientific research is not acceptable for this assignment.

You will choose an area of active scientific research, and, for your paper, find at least three related news or primary research articles that describe new studies in that area of research. For your presentation, you will describe in detail one of the research articles that you chose for your paper.


Topic choice will be submitted to me on Canvas by the deadline in your syllabus. Please do background research into potential areas of interest before submitting your topic. Topics are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following is a list of possible topics; you are not limited to it.

  • Algal blooms in waterways
  • Zika virus outbreaks
  • Health effects of light pollution
  • Climate change predictions
  • Exposure to lead and child health
  • Effects of exposure to Bisphenol A
  • Mosquito eradication efforts through genetic engineering
  • Maternal diet and offspring health
  • Health effects of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
  • Microplastic pollution
  • Obesity and antibiotic use
  • Antioxidants and aging
  • Gut microbiome and neurological health
  • Autism and pesticide exposure
  • Discovery of exoplanets
  • Drought in California
  • Epigenetics and cancer
  • Water on Mars
  • Ecological effects of non-native species
  • Do probiotics work?
  • Bed bugs and pesticide resistance
  • Effects of climate change on genetic diversity
  • Chemistry of medicines
  • Methods for carbon sequestration
  • Green chemistry
  • Genetic modification using CRISPR-cas9 system
  • Cosmic chemistry of building blocks of life
  • Use of social media and lack of sleep
  • Ecology and noise pollution
  • Traumatic brain injuries


Remember you will be choosing at least three sources for your paper, and describing one of these sources in detail for your presentation.

Again you must find articles within the reputable news that details a scientific experiment(s) in a field of natural science. Your articles may be about biology, chemistry, physics, geology, etc. The articles must be at least 200 words long and must have been published in the last three years. Sources for this assignment may include primary peer-reviewed scholarly journals, reputable online newspapers, or reputable online magazines. Below is a list of potential sources (however, you are not restricted to using these websites):

Unacceptable sources for this assignment include personal websites, blogs, and wikis.

Avoid articles that do not describe a scientific study. For example, articles that describe a scientific career, describe the mission of a scientific organization, articles about new technology, breaking news about an event (such as a natural disaster or awarding of scientific prizes) related to science or technology, or articles that detail a list of scientific discoveries do not meet the requirements for the assignment.

Written Paper Assignment

You should begin your paper by introducing the topic at hand. You may decide to describe previous studies, observations, or controversies that surround your topic. In each of your body paragraphs, you will then explain, how the scientific method was applied in each of the studies described in your sources and how each study relates to your overall topic, similar to your journal assignment. You will conclude by discussing what the research groups have learned, what questions were raised by their research, and the future work that could be done.

The paper will be 800-1100 words (3-4 pages, excluding reference pages) in length, be double-spaced, have one-inch margins, use standard professional font type, and use standard professional font size. Please include your name and include a title to your paper. It should also be written with stylistically correct grammar and punctuation. Be sure to reference all sources of information using APA style (http://lynn-library.libguides.com/apa) both in-text with parenthetical citations and with a reference page. Submit your final paper as a word document, and title it as per the following example: written paper_law.docx.

The essay will be graded with the Dialogues of Learning Written Communication Rubric. Be aware that all submissions to Canvas will be run through Turnitin to check for originality. Therefore, it is expected that you may need to submit and revise multiple drafts before your final submission by the assignment deadline. The paper assignment will be submitted to the instructor using Canvas in the Written Communication link.
by May 4th. This assignment is worth 15% of your grades