Written Assignments

The directions for the
Written Exercise are:

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You will complete a
critical analysis and reflection. This written exercise must be in APA style
and format.

The exercise must be
400-words in length. Minimum of 400,
maximum of 415.

The Cover Page is
included in this (and a Reference page, if you need to

use one – which you
really should not need to do!)

When writing your
papers, think in terms of providing a critical overview of the reading,
identifying and highlighting the significant facts revealed, and closing with
your own well-reasoned and informed scholarly deduced conclusion(s).

This is what I am
adding to the assignment so please follow the steps below:

1.Read over the material.

2.Once you have identified what you are going to
discuss in your paper, summarize the material by telling me (in your own words)
what the readings/material was about.Give me a critical discussion of the material; ie was it useful?Did it seem to have adequate research?Is this of importance to the criminal justice
field?How might this help us in
deterring crime?What does this add to
our knowledge of criminal behavior? These are just a sample of the questions
you might include in a critique of the reading.

3.I need 400-words. I will accept anywhere from
400-415, but if you go over 415 I will deduct points and if you are under 400
words I will deduct points. The 400-415 words are for your entire paper –
including your name, date, etc. You do need a Cover Page, but you do not need
an abstract.Please do not include an
abstract!If you cite anything, it
should only be your textbook and then I will need a Reference page.If you are not citing anything, you do not
need a reference page!

4.Make sure you double space.Use a 12-point font.Times New Roman or Arial are the accepted
fonts.Proof read and watch your
spelling, punctuation, and grammar (no little i’s or u’s please!)

5.Once you have completed your paper, save it in
a .docx format.This means you must have
Microsoft Word on your computer.All assignments
need to be done in Microsoft Word. If
you do not have Microsoft Word, you will have to go to a public library to use
their computer. Please try to save your
paper with your name in it, such as: SmithJohnExercise1.docx or something

6.Once you are done with your paper you will
load it into the Assignment. It will
automatically run through Turnitin.com to check for plagiarism. You do not need to do anything at that point,
just submit it to the Assignment Drop box. I want these Written Exercise papers
to be less formal than a research paper. To me, they are a 400-word journal entry as to what your thoughts were
about a particular topic that week. Use your own words as much as possible. Any citations need to be in APA Format but I
would prefer as little citations as possible since this is to be in your own
words. I have put together a handy check list (since I know some people, like
myself, do well with check lists), and please go through this checklist and
make sure you have all YES answers before you turn in your Written Exercise
paper for this week.

The 12 Steps – Written
Exercise Paper check list:

1.Have you read either an assigned chapter for
the week from your Lily text book or one of the items on the Drop-down menu for
the current week?

2.Have you written your paper as a
“critical discussion” of the material and used basically your own
words to analyze the material?

3.Using statements like, “I feel…”
“I believe…” “I have noticed…”are great ways to write and
critique from your own viewpoint. Do you have “I” statements in your

4.Have you answered at least one or more of the
following questions in your paper?

a.Was the material you read this week useful,
and if so, how?

b.Did the reading seem to have adequate

c.Is this material of importance to the criminal
justice field?

d.How might this add to our knowledge of
criminal behavior? (Just a sample…you can answer your own questions too, as
long as they are a critique of the material).

5.Did I include a Cover Pager with my name, the
date, etc.?

6.Am I using Microsoft Word to type my paper?

7.Is my paper at least 400 words, but not over
415? (This includes the Cover Page and any references).

8.Am I writing in proper format – indenting the
first sentence of each paragraph?

9.Have I used my spell check to check for any
errors, as well as carefully proof read my paper?

10.Have I double-spaced, used 12-point font?

11.Have I kept my citing to a bare minimum
(citing is discouraged; I would like for these to be in your own words as much
as possible), and if I did cite, do I have a Reference page, with ‘References’
centered in the middle of the page and the source written in correct APA

12.If I do cite, is it proper APA Format (Author,
year, pp.#) after each citation?

If you follow these 12
steps and can answer each one with a YES, you will be fine for your paper!Thank you and please keep this handy