Written Assigment Final Authority

Use Lexis.com and the Shepardize feature to list each stage in the
case of State v. Opperman, 89 S.D. 25 (S.D. 1975). It was heard in trial
court, then South Dakota Supreme Court, then U.S. Supreme Court, and
finally back in South Dakota Supreme Court.

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For each stage, list the court, the basic result (who won), and the
citation. You may omit the citation for the trial court stage.

For the final stage in that case, State v. Opperman, 247 N.W.2d 673 (S.D. 1976),
summarize the ultimate result and reasoning in that case.

Summarize the result and reasoning from one case from another state
that you find using the Shepardize tool in Opperman, and summarize an
ALR article, or law review you find through Lexis.com.