Written Article / Video Reviews 2

Each student is to complete 2 reviews per assigned week (1 -2 pages each, total is 3-4 pages for 2 reviews). Students may choose any of the assigned articles or video’s for their reviews or select one article collected for their Personal Research Portfolio (You need to do a Personal Research Portfolio in the following week). The review should focus on the student’s “personal interpretation” of elements of business concepts, theory and high performance management, that are expressed in the article(s) or video. Grade points will only be awarded based on the students “own thoughts” on the subject(s) discussed within the article or video. This exercise is to develop your own interpretation skills. I am interested in what you think – not the authors thoughts.

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For each article or video think about (1) why this article is important to strategic management, (2) what ideas or concept will you take away from the article / video, and (3) how will you apply the concepts in your work environment or how have you seen the concepts applied, and with what results.

Assigned articles and videos in this week:

The CEO’s guide to competing through HR | McKinsey & Company(2017)

4 Things CEOs Want From HR Leadership– entrepreneur.com (2016)

Creating A Sense Of Purpose In The Workplace – Jacob Morgan (3 mins) (YouTube)

Workplace of the Future: The New Bloomberg London Building (3 mins) (YouTube)

The 10 Principles Of The Future Manager(2014) Forbes

4 ways to communicate & leverage memorable corporate storytelling (2018)

Why Mark Zuckerberg Recently Warned Entrepreneurs Against Chasing ‘Eureka!’ Moments (2017)

A Strategy for Thriving in Uncertainty – Bain & Company (2015)

Leading Change – Why Transformation Efforts Fail. John P. Kotter HBR (Jan. 2007)

My Background: I am studying Human Resources in master. And I am doing a HR Intern right now. I will graduate this August. After my graduation, I plan to find a job related HR. (Hope this background can help you do the application part)