writing. two paragraphs in details

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Your online assignment for class on Monday is to find two depictions of mental illness in popular culture. This could be a clip from a movie, an ad in a magazine, a TV commercial, lyrics in a song, character in a book, or any other source of popular culture that references mental illness. One popular culture source should depict mental illness positively and one should depict mental illness negatively.

Write one paragraph for each source (the assignment should be a total of 2 paragraphs). Each paragraph should describe the source and how it portrays mental illness. Why do you think it portrays mental illness in a positive or negative light? 

Make sure to include the source if you can. If you picked a movie, include the web address where I can view a clip.

Make sure you describe it in detail.

APA format, please.

and Please I will not pay more than 3 dollars.