Writing professional email

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Writing professional email is a skill you can apply immediately to achieve your communicative goals. To get some practice and instructor feedback, you will draft an email message.

For this assignment, you will draft a message of gratitude to someone. Expressing gratitude has proven benefits to the person expressing the gratitude (including higher levels of positive affect, improved physical well-being, and lower levels of depression and envy), to the relationship, and to society (including increased levels of reciprocal altruism and pro-social behavior). In short, expressing gratitude is good for you, for your relationships, and for society!

The email of gratitude that you write can be to a roommate, to your parents, to a professor, to a coworker, or to anyone to whom you want to say thanks. If you are not practiced in writing professional thank you messages, this basic outline will help:

  • In the opening, you identify the gift/favor/gesture.
  • In the body, you explain why you appreciate the gift/favor/gesture using sincere, simple statements. Use of specific examples is best.
  • In the closing, you reiterate your gratitude and reaffirm the relationship.

Using that framework and the email format discussed in the text, please write an email message of thanks to someone. For reference, p. 121-125 of your text specifically cover email.

In the space below, be sure to include all elements of an email shown on p. 122, from the subject line to the signature block. You will be graded on formatting and professionalism.