writing homework.

Research Paper Instructions:

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  1. Students will select from the following list of companies that have unique management styles/philosophies.
  2. Give the Instructor the name of your company. First come, first serve. One company per student.
  3. Research the company. Provide the following information. ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS.
  • What is the name of the company?
  • What is the history of the company?
  • What does the company do? Provide detailed information.
  • Who are the company’s customers?
  • Who is the Founder and current CEO? What is their background?
  • What is the Founder and current CEO’s management style and/or philosophy?
  • Who are the main Management Team?
  • What is the Management Team management style and/or philosophy?
  • What makes this company’s management style unique? Provide detailed information, examples, explanations and sources from the company’s website to support the answer.
  • Why is their management style successful?
  • How does the company benefit from the unique management styles?
  • How do the employees benefit from the unique management styles?
  • How do the unique management styles/philosophies influence the company culture?

4. Students will present their findings to the class. Each student gets 3 MINUTES.

5. Prepare minimum 3 PowerPoint slides per student.

6. Include YouTube/video link about the company.

7. Provide a hardcopy and PowerPoint slides at time of presentations.

8. Submit paper in Assignments for grading.

Paper Outline Instructions:

The paper should be minimum of 8 pages.

Use proper term paper format that includes appropriate subject headers, indented paragraphs, and bullets for making key points.

Typewritten, Arial 12 pt. font, double spaced.

Provide proper in text reference citations.

3 substantive article references. Article sources are from Business Periodicals, Magazines, Newspapers, etc. Also, company media and/or publications can be used.

Include a cover page. Cover page will include team member names and their topics.

Electronic resources must come from the Shapiro Library databases.