Write about Catherine Opine self Portrait “cutting”


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1) 3 pages in length, double-spaced. Do not be short of a FULL 3 pages. Fonts: Times New Roman (size 12, but not larger)

2) Write about Catherine Opine self Portrait “cutting”. The picture will be provided and a summary about it and what the essay should be talking about.

3) Your text should use three terms (Queer, Gender and Ideology). The terms should illustrate and guide your discussion of the artwork you choose to write about, i.e., you will demonstrate your understanding of them in relationship to your chosen subject

4) A works cited page is required (Please adhere to the MLA format).

5) In general, you will want to avoid the following formal errors:

1) Make sure to remove contractions. Formalize all the writing by separating items like “I’m” to “I am” or “that’s” to “that is.”

2) Another formal error to avoid: accidental typos or punctuation errors. If the following types of errors appear in your final writing, they will reduce your grade:

“Not many individuals can do a project of such of magnitude, and Nikki S. Lee was able to prove the idea that we perform our identities in Projects (1997-2001). (Accidental repetition of the word “of”. A comma is required because before and after it are two complete sentences. You must use a comma to separate these statements, or the result is what is called a “run on” sentence.)

3) Be sure to clarify the language through simplification. For example:

Before: Nikki’s photographs from Projects, portrays a successful integration with all these different groups, it genuinely appears that she has earned their acceptance, and adopted the identity.

After: Lee’s photographs portray her infiltration into targeted groups, representing that she has successfully adopted different identities.


Before: The iconic Hope poster overtime, has changed in the ideology that in present time, the iconic poster gives a different meaning than now.

After: Over time, the ideology associated with iconic Hope poster has changed. Presently, it connotes a different meaning than at the time of its first release.

Scan the text for issues of this nature, and modify it accordingly.