Write a short 2 page paper

Search Incident to Arrest:

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  • View a fictional law enforcement program in which a search incident to arrest is being conducted. (e.g. a movie or TV show such as Crash, CSI, or NCIS, something fictional you can find on YouTube, Chicago PD, etc.)
  • Determine whether the search was conducted properly under the standards learned this unit.
  • Write an analysis of the search and be sure to include a reference to the program, as well as details regarding the search, you viewed. Also include references to cases used in this unit’s materials of a search incident to arrest and any other relevant cases.

APA style, two type-written pages. Original work only, must cite any material that you obtain from other sources than your own thoughts as referenced in the link below for legal references and APA for all other sources. Refer to the document attached for the unit material.

Basic Legal Citation (LII 2003) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.