write a report 3 4 pages without title page and cite page mla format

This is the third and final installment of the three NACLA Report on the Americas reviews that you will submit for this class. This review is to be at least 3-4 pages and PMcorresponds to the nations of South America, except Venezuela and Colombia. Please submit your reviews . No late submissions for this assignment will be accepted. I have streamlined the directions to make it easier for you find articles from the NACLA website. Just click on any of the following links to find pages of articles pertaining to the following nations: Argentina (Links to an external site.), Brazil (Links to an external site.), Chile (Links to an external site.), Peru (Links to an external site.), Uruguay (Links to an external site.), Paraguay (Links to an external site.), Bolivia (Links to an external site.), Ecuador (Links to an external site.), and Guyana (Links to an external site.).

Please submit your review through the Canvas in either of the following formats: doc, docx or PDF. Please use both a title page and a works cited page (neither of these pages count toward your 3-4 pages of text). All three reports will count as a combined 30% toward your final grade, with each review counting as 10% of your overall grade. In your works cited page, compose your article entry in a format like this:

Livia Peres Milani, “Remilitarizing Argentina,” NACLA Report on the Americas website (January 3, 2019).

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