write a policy brief for final research paper

Policy briefs are commonly prepared along with research papers in order to summarize the importance of an issue, eg: climate change. The audience is typically elected officials, and like your research paper, policy briefs usually include a call to action.

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Your policy brief should include:

-Title (something that tells the reader what you’re writing about)

-Abstract (very short (2-3 sentences maximum,) describing your experiment, and stating the end result.)

-Context (communicates the importance of your topic)

-Policy Alternatives (what we can do about your research issue that’s different than what we do now, or what we should not be doing but are)

-Policy Recommendation (what you think we should do or not do)

-Appendices (essentially the Works Cited; provides additional research for the reader)

-Recommended Resources (selected Works Cited that you found especially helpful, can be combined with