Write a critical review

Write a critical review of the major ideas in the Roger Martin’s book: “The Design of Business” and discuss how these ideas impact managerial decision making. In your essay you should compare the ideas of the book that you choose with other material that we have covered during the course, particularly where this provides an alternative view.

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Assignment instructions:

Goal: Apply and synthesise material covered in the course and apply this to

managerial decision making.

Word limit: 2000 – 3000 words. Late submission penalties will be applied.

Element Details:

Evidence of broad reading:

Ideas from a wide range of writers accurately reflected in the assignment.

Correct referencing as appropriate.


Ideas from different writers and different perspectives are compared, contrasted or combined.

Ideas from readings are applied to decisions managers make in an organisational environment.

Well written

Clear writing style.

Convincing argument; well organised; good flow.

Appropriate layout including paragraphs and page numbering.

Correct spelling and punctuation.

Additional instructions:

The Connection of the book to the pdf attached must be clear

Please contact me because there are more PDF material that must be make paralell to the book in the assignment.