Write a 500-word mini-essay addressing these questions

Malcolm R. Parks writes that ‘Like many of their Internet predecessors, SNSs carry expectations of sociability, meaningful connection to others, conviviality, perhaps even empathy and support. Whether the actual interaction on these venues reaches the level of a “virtual community” depends on one’s perspective and definition, but there can be no question that “community”, with all its affective and historical complications, will continue to frame popular understanding of MySpace, Facebook, QQ, and other SNSs’ (2011: 106).

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Given this, are social network sites “virtual communities”? What is your perspective on and definition of “virtual community”? How does this perspective relate to the notion and practice of social networking on SNSs?

Write a 500-word mini-essay addressing these questions, using captioned images to illustrate your argument if necessary. Full bibliography and image credits must be included as an appendix.

Draw from Parks and at least three other peer-reviewed sources that define the term “virtual community” in the context of social network sites. Draw from an example that is familiar to you to illustrate your case.