World civilization class.

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I need help again in my world civilization class here is the prompt for the assignment. I upload the slides of the class and the article “Three Days in October” which is the assignment about. I also upload the prompt for the assigment but here is a simplfied one.

Simplified Instructions Assignment II:

As you will have noticed I provided a great deal of guidance along with the initial prompt. For

some that will prove very helpful, while in the past others have found it intimidating (too much

to take in.) So, I am including a simplified guide to answering the prompt in this letter.

In this essay, I am basically asking you to draw a connection between the rise of the Mongols

and the change in attitudes in Europe that could allow people to question the authority of an

institution like the Church.

I also tell you that the thing that connects all of this together is the plague.

Creating a good thesis statement in response to the prompt and including all the proper

components is crucial.

As you deal with this prompt, ask yourself:

Where was the initial plague outbreak?

What factors allowed the plague to travel? This is where you look at the great Mongol Empire

and ask how did the plague get to Europe? (look at Mongol and plague lectures)

When and where did it arrive in Europe?

What is this disease, how nasty is it, and how deadly was it back then? (look at lecture, article

and text p.385-389- be sure to also look at primary source reading on plague in text – p414, 415)

How did societies cope (or not?) What happens to communities when struck by plague? (look at

article and textbook)

What did people think was causing this hellish disease and the awful related issues?

What ramifications did this have for the Church?

How did Church react – good and bad, what was the end result?

This is all spelled out in the assignment prompt! Read the two lectures, the text, the article and

the prompt, and it should all become clear.

I expect this assignment to be about four pages. Try not to exceed four pages, but also

understand that anything less than three full pages will likely be quite cursory and insufficient.

Use twelve-point script and double space.