wk 5 discussion Student Success

Remember, your initial post should be 75-150 words in length

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Week 5: Failure Happens. Where Do You Go Next?

We don’t always succeed at everything we try, but failure is not necessarily a bad thing. What is really important regarding failure is what we do AFTER we fail.

Sometimes we learn something about ourselves, make changes, try again and succeed… the point is that a failure can be a true learning experience and/or a growth experience.

In this post, you will:

  1. Share a personal experience of a failure which became a lesson or growth experience.
  2. Describe the situation.
  3. Share your feelings at the time of the failure and your feelings at some point after the failure.
  4. Describe how you found the courage/strength/grit to move forward, try again…
  5. Explain what the experience taught you and how you will continue to apply what you learned.

For your follow-up posts, please respond to at least two posts. In your responses, tell the author what you learned about him/her through the story, and what you can apply to your own life from the author’s experience.