Why you should see a therapist (mental)

Given the importance of being competent when making public presentations, you are required to make a persuasive speech as your signature assignment for this class. Your goal is to persuade the audience for or against a question of policy, fact, or value. The persuasive speech may deal with almost any subject of interest to you as long as the treatment of the topic does not denigrate others or violate standards of ethical acceptability. Audience analysis is crucial when preparing and presenting any type of speech. It is important to select a topic that is useful or interesting and to tailor it to your fellow students.

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Persuasive Speech Requirements

Overall Persuasiveness and Speech Content:

  • Creative, colorful, powerful language
  • Clarity of ideas with appropriate language and grammar choices
  • Strong use of pathos (emotional appeals)
  • Strong use of logos (well-crafted arguments with clear reasoning)
  • Solid evidence provided for all claims
  • A well-established sense of credibility and good will (ethos)
  • Overall persuasiveness

Delivery Style and Speaking Notes
The speech should be delivered extemporaneously (well-prepared but not completely memorized). Refer to chapter 13 in The Art of Public Speaking for a discussion on speaking extemporaneously. It is up to you if you would like to use speaking notes. Below are two options: