Why is my business important?

My business name is Snackbar, what motivates me to be able to provide for my daughter and younger sister who I am a guardian to due to her mother being a drug abuser. I am a single parent who has a passion for youth and particularly inspiring and uplifting young girls who struggle with growing pains and Identity issues. just want to make them feel special and help the identify their purpose. (Given the details please elaborate on how hard it is to be a single parent persuing higher education and opening a small business)

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The story behind my business is simply I want to target the working people and also the youth. I nutritionally prepare low calorie healthy and home-style meals that are delicious yet healthy for people who may not have time to cook or prep lunch for work but also I have snacks that are trendy and delicious to attract the youth. I also offer party planning and catering to include my products. The opportunities … Promoting business ownership among women and minority and connecting with youth and average blue collar worker.The challenges that I am facing is being able to pay employees and distributors for my business. (Please elaborate and come up with the importance of meal prep for working individuals or people on the go that want to maintain a healthy lifestyle)

If I was granted money for my business I would make sure I take care of my license and permits necessary to operate, all of the money would be invested in new ovens refrigerators food supplies and possibly a food truck. ( Please elaborate and come up with the importance of receiving funding)