Which came first? Solving the problem or defining the problem – Discussion

In our first week, we talked about the importance of asking good questions and how this was a critical step to really understanding a problem you are trying to solve. This week, we are going to explore how to approach solving a problem. So, to get us started, let’s practice on defining and analyzing problems. Here’s what the Monday topic needs from you:

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  1. Identify and define a problem you need to solve or would like to solve.
  2. Analyze a problem identified and defined by one of your classmates.

Posts from classmates to choose from:

1. This is a medical question and I do see a neurologist. and have gone extensive testing, and all test come out normal. but yet I still suffer from these symptoms, and told I have over active nerves.

Medical problem is defined as paresthesia- Analyze as an abnormal sensation of the body, such as tingling, burning, numbness in arm and legs.

Can can anyone help solve?

2. The problem I would love to solve, is addiction. I would love to find a solution to the over use and over prescribing of opiods. Is the problem doctors or the government? Should the doctor be more liable for the rxs they write? Or should the government be more responsible for how and when the doctors write the prescriptions? I know everyone has been watching the news, there is a huge epidemic going on in America right now.

3. This is a work related problem. My supervisor is hard to work for. I am a production planner. No matter what anyone does its never enough. My team does everything she ask of us. An when something does not run right or go as plan she is always yelling at us saying “why didn’t run more of this or why didn’t you do this”. When we are doing what she ask. We can’t make the machines run if they are broke. We can’t make maintenance fix the machines faster. I love what I do but I hate working for her.

Can you help with how I should deal with her and not get so upset about things we have no control over?