When does this privilege arise when should we disregard it and how long should a privilege go on?

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Question:When does this privilege arise?

When should we disregard such privilege?

How long should such a privilege go on?

I attached the case description below.

I also need two different replies to students

You must post at a minimum of 350-500 words for your initial response. Begin your response with a high level overview of the case. Respond to the questions above as if the reader has no knowledge of the facts of the case.

Expressing an opinion is not enough. You will be evaluated on the consistency and quality of your posts to the weekly discussion board. I will primarily be looking for how well you support your comments. I expect you to work to make meaning of the material of the course. I look for depth of engagement, as well as level of critical thinking and inquiry. Success hinges on keeping up with readings, and referring to them as much as possible when you do respond.