What is the state of the nation in 1860?, History Response 1 help

Pick a question to respond to/add to/agree to/disagree to and share your thoughts in 50 words or more.

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  1. What is the state of the nation in 1860? Is it sick, healthy, or somewhere in between. Provide dates, names, and events to justify each figures outlook in 1860. (note the year please)

Brand: I think that Brand would believe that our nation was sick, there reason why is because according to Foner, “southern leaders were bending every effort to strengthen the bond in 1860.” “Slavery is our king, declared a South Carolina politician”  (Foner 484).I think from Brand’s perspective anyone who thinks that was is sick, and doesn’t speak well of our nation. Bosley: I think that Bosley would think that our nation is in a not so good place. According to Foner, he states that “The Democrat Party, the last great bond of national unity, had been shattered. National conventions had rationally been places where party managers, mindful of the need for unity in the fall campaign, reconciled their differences.” (Foner 502). Sudley:  I think that Sudley would think that our nation would be in between. Foner states that  “Democrats might have been expected to put a premium on party unity as the election of 1860 approached. Cyrus: I think that Cyrus would say that our nation is not in a good place.  According to Foner he states, “ But because of the North’s superiority population, Lincoln would still have carried electoral college and thus been elected president even if the votes of his three opponents had all been cast for single canidates.” (Foner 503).

  1. What divisions threaten to fracture the nation? List several for each character. What ones mattered more? Why?

Bosely: A devise that would fracture the nation in Bosely perspective would be “New slavery state laws further restricted access to freedom” (Foner 501). This restricted the slaves’ freedom access this is why it would fracture the nation in Bosley perspective. Brand: A devise that would fracture that nation in Brand’s perspective would be “ The party platform denied validity of the Dred Scott decisions, reaffirmed Republicans oppositions to slavery expansions, and added economics planks designed to appeal a broad array of northern voters” (Foner 502). They wanted a president who would help them decide the course of slavery and what was going to happen. Cyrus:  Cyrus would believe that  “ the federal government  had no right to use force against it….embodied a series of unamendable constitutional  amendments.” (Foner 504).  They thought that this was a bad because it would be bad for the party because they didn’t have any rights. Sudley: A division that threatened the fracture was when they had the split between the south and the north.  “The democratic part the great bond of national unity, had been shattered.” (Foner 502).

  1. What principles and policies, specifically, should guide the nation’s future? Why? According to whom?

 Bosley: Bosely wanted principles and polices , specifically, should be the nations future was that “ succeeding states rejected the compromise line to the Pacfic Ocean dividing between slavery and free soil all terotories” (Foner 504).Cyrus: Cyrus wanted principles and policies for our nation’s future like “Having never associated with the know-nothing he could appeal to immigrant voters, and nativists preferred him to hate the Sewad”. Sudley: Sudley believed that the principles and policies for our nation’s future. As for the south who wanted to have slavery. He didn’t want there to be slavery.

  1. What’s the best that the Black man can hope for in the future of the U.S.? Again, have each character answer this specifically.

Bosley: Black man can hope for in the future of the U.S. was that there to be slavery, the thought that slavery is their lifestyle that is something that they should do.Brand: Black man can hope for in the future of the U.S to finally be free. Brand wanted the slaves to be free and no longer be bounded.Cyrus: Black man can hope for in the future of the U.S. was to ban slavery. Sudley: Black man can hope for in the future of the U.S. was that they still wanted to have slavery. They wanted to have slavery throughout America.