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The objective of this
assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of how the human resource
function interacts with other functions in the organization.

The first part of the
assignment is to create an agenda for New Employee Orientation at Southwood School.
The orientation should last one full day. The new employee will meet with
representatives from: HR, Finance, Information Technology and the school
administrator. Present the Agenda as a nice handout that you want to distribute
to the new employees and employees who will be taking part in the
orientation. Set up a schedule, time, and location time for each meeting.
You might want to build in breaks or lunch. Give each meeting a subject title
and short description. It is recommended that a Table be used.

The second part of the
assignment is for you to provide a description of each meeting and, in
detail, explain the pertinent information the new employee will learn from each
representative of his/her department. In this section of the paper references should
be used to support your description/explanation as to what makes each meeting
important for a new employee and to the school. 

Use a minimum of 3 to
4 scholarly sources to support your rationale using APA format. This paper
should be a minimum of 3 to 5 pages.

Cover Page with Name, Date, and
Title of Assignment

Use headings to separate the
sections of the report

Page numbers


Times New Roman, size 12

In-text citations to sources in
APA style

Reference page using APA style

References not older than 3
years old

*Key note: make sure the reference has a hyperlink that could be searched