What is the novel effects on the reader and what has it taught you?

Read Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (first published in 1958). After you have completed the book do an analysis paper. Consider: Achebe’s book was the first work by an African writer to gain international attention, as well as to gain notoriety across much of the African continent. It is considered a seminal Postcolonial text, and it has been listed on the Top 100 books to read by Newsweek Magazine. Why?

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Keep in mind the issue(s) of representation we discussed early in the course. Also, keep in mind that this was written just before the decolonization of English and French colonies in Africa. What does the novel tell you about life in Africa at the time in which it is set? How is the community organized? What are the concerns of the people depicted? What does this tell you about some of the issues confronting Nigerians on the eve of decolonization? What is its value today? What has it taught you?

This is not a book report! It is an analysis of (self) representation in the novel and its effect on the reader.

This means that you should be talking about the points in Baldonado’s essay on representation.

The following is the link to Baldonado’s essay.