What is management

Create a list of interview
questions on classroom management (at least 8 but no more than 10). Please be sure the questions are open-ended and encourage

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As one of your questions, show the expert your final
project and seek/his her feedback on what you did well and what you
could do to enhance it.

Type up the summary of what you learned during the interview. Be sure to include:

Information about the interviewee: describe his/her position and why
you feel he/she was a credible resource to recruit for the interview.
(Should be written in paragraph(s) form.)

2) The interview questions that you composed*

3) The responses you received*

4) Finally, conclude with what you gained by participating in this activity. (Should be written in paragraph(s) form.)

*Part 2 and 3 should be in the form of a transcript (state the question in bold text and the response in unbolded text.)

As such, the assignment should include the following sections: (1) Title page, (2) Description of Interviewee, (3) Transcript of Interview, (4) Personal Analysis