Question 1 As more retailers develop a web presence, they often move from a “brick-and-mortar” to a “click-and-mortar” business model where customers expect channel integration. Can you identify any potential problems for these companies? Can you identify any unique marketing opportunities that such a change would offer these companies? Question 2 The advent of print media, the telephone, radio, television, and the Internet have all provided new ways for marketers to get their message to their intended audience. As various technologies advance, these information channels offer more precise delivery of a message. Can you identify an emerging information distribution channel? Homework In addition to preparing the discussion questions, find a relevant article in a Journal or Newspaper relating to the issue of customer focus or Customer Relationship building for discussion on the forum. The discussion will consider: a) Why is this article relevant to the topic? b) Can any of the marketing related theory from this chapter be related to the article? c) What can be learned from this?