week six quiz

What is a terrorist’s goal regarding the media?
(Points : 4)
 Favorable understanding
 Information and cooperation
 Protection of rights
 Personal security

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Question 2.
__________________ wrote Turner’s Diaries, which offers a blueprint for revolution in the United States based on a race war.
(Points : 4)

 Richard Butler
 William Porter Gale
 Timothy McVeigh
 William Pierce

Question 3.
The ______________________ is the impact of the media on
terrorists to commit more and more bizarre and cruel acts in an attempt
to gain attention.
(Points : 4)

 aggression model
 interactive relationship
 built-in escalation imperative 
 application effect

Question 4.
Inaccurate information designed to confuse is known as _____________________.
(Points : 4)


Question 5.
A legal charge indicating active participation of a primary
or secondary nature in terrorist events is known as  __________________.
(Points : 4)


Question 6.
Getting information concerning demands that must be met
within a time frame out to the general public, rather than just law
enforcement officers, is an example of a ____________________.
(Points : 4)

 strategic gain
 tactical gain
 favorable outcome
 deliberate gain

Question 7.
Which is NOT a characteristic of the automatic weapon?
(Points : 4)

 easily available
 preferred weapon of hostage takers
 high rate of fire
 psychological impact on unarmed civilians

Question 8.
What terrorist event made the United States aware for the
first time of its vulnerability to attacks from transnational terrorist
(Points : 4)

 World Trade Center Bombing in 1993
 Oklahoma City Bombing
 U.S. Embassies Bombing in Kenya and Tanzania
 Attack on the U.S. Cole

Question 9.
What legislation was passed in 1871 that imposed heavy penalties on terrorist organizations?
(Points : 4)

 Civil Rights Act
 Ku Klux Klan Act
 Patriot Act
 Intelligence Reform and Terrorist Prevention Act

Question 10.
A left-wing group in the United States active during the1960s
that eventually lost support due to unsuccessful efforts in carrying
out acts of violence was  _________________________,
(Points : 4)

 Earth Liberation Front
 Weather Underground
 Armed Forces of National Liberation
 Aryan Nations