We cannot know “reality” outside of the words we use to describe it?, Environmental Communication Discussion help

Please respond to EC Discussion Question 2. Be prepared to conduct some
rhetorical analysis of the Climate folder readings. That is, as you read them, go
beyond reading them for content. Assess them rhetorically. What is each trying to
achieve, and how, rhetorically, does each set about achieving its aims? Please be

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EC Discussion Question 2: The rhetorical theorist Kenneth Burke (1966) claims that “much that we take as observation about ‘reality’ may be but the spinning out of possibilities implicit in out particular choice of terms” (p.46). Does this mean we cannot know “reality” outside of the words we use to describe it? What did Burke mean by this.

Below is the link of the reading that will help the response.

The response must be 200-300 words. No more no less.