Watching a film Cul de Sac and writing about it.

Important note: please write in your own words.

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; Review this material and film. The Course Integration Paper asks you to use the material we have covered this semester to assess a case. The case is that of Shawn Nelson who, in 1995, stole a tank and ran it through the community of Clairemont here in San Diego. The film, “Cul de Sac” presents an overview of Shawn’s life and the many factors that may have led to his behavior. Your task is to develop a case assessment of Shawn’s case. You may use any additional resources you might find. More specific instructions are attached. The link to the film is below:


Based on the film “Cul de Sac” and any additional information you might find; your task is to assess some of the dimensions that contributed to the actions of Shawn Nelson. Using a bio-psycho-social perspective describes four dimensions that you think are important to understanding how Shawn Nelson ended up in a situation in which he felt it was necessary to steal a tank, and by extension could result in others exhibiting similarly destructive behaviors. You should link these factors to material in the text and suggest theoretical perspectives that could assist in understanding these factors.

Structure your paper as a case study. It should be written in APA format no more than 5 pages in length with the following headings

Introduction –Introduce your paper (purpose, structure). Provide a brief description of your conclusions. Client – Introduce the client and case. Introduce the client, Shawn Nelson, by providing a brief demographic description. Briefly describe the precipitating incident that led to the client’s coming to the attention of authorities (stealing the tank). Summarize the factors you intend to discuss.

Basis of assessment – Briefly describe the information available to assess the case. What are some advantages and disadvantages of the available information? What additional information might you like to have?

Factors Influencing the Case – Describe four dimensions that you feel are important to understanding the case. For each, describe the factors in the case and link to the text concerning the dimensions involved and the theoretical perspective that might be used to understand this dimension. Organize this section with a header for each dimensiCase Summary – Briefly summarize your findings. What factors do you see as most important to understanding Shawn’s behavior? How might his social group have assisted him? How might social or health service agencies have assisted him? How might the larger environment be changed to reduce the risk of similar problems? How might these dimensions be addressed to prevent future case.

References – Provide references to the text or other sources in APA format.