watch the video about the day North Vietnam dropped napalm, Visual Art

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Please help me finish this homework. No Plagiarize.

1.  First, watch the video about the day North Vietnam dropped napalm on a small village in South Vietnam. Then really look at the iconic picture taken by photographer, Nick Ut. This photograph changed the feelings of how Americans viewed the war. 


initial reaction to the video and picture( The picture is in the file.). This photo was a game changer on how journalists covered wars. 

Write abouthow you perceive war is portrayed in the media today (network news and social media).

Do they showtoo much? Do theynot show enough?

Are we immune to the violence seen on television or on the Internet? 

What part, if any, do you think photographers play in telling stories from war zones? 

about 200 words

2.  Respond two of them what are in the file named Respond. about 50-100 words each one