Watch the documentary linked below about the Dream Team and Write a two-page minimum (500 words) essay.

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Watch the documentary linked above about the Dream Team, the renowned 1992 USA Olympic basketball team. Write a two-page minimum (500 words) essay in 12 pt. font with brief title and your name. Cover page not required. Comment on the global impact the Dream Team had on basketball, certain challenges they faced leading up to their eventual gold medal, and their influence on the next generation of athletes. Additionally, comment on whether their generational influence had a positive or negative effect on the sport. Finally, reflect on how basketball has personally affected the facets of your life.

You will be graded on the following rubric:

Level of Content / 5

– evidence and support for main points

– coherence

– details are factual

Organization of writing / 5

– logical progression of ideas

– overall flow of reading

Grammar & Formatting / 5

– sentence structure

– format of essay