w9 engagement goals

1. Create 1 response post to a peer’s Hot Topic reading response. Your goal is to expand the collective knowledge of the class based on our total experiences; your goal is not to debate your peer’s experiences (which differ from opinions). Think about how you relate (or don’t) to your peer’s response. Consider sharing your own experiences as a response or asking questions to clarify your peer’s experience.

2. Identify and post about 1 piece of additional information that would help you to better understand a Hot Topic (for any one of the three posted Hot Topics). Consider experiences, research, and perspectives that might provide new ideas or information about the topic. It may be a research project that doesn’t yet exist.

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Consider how the CRAAP test can (Links to an external site.)help to inform you on the CREDIBILITY of your additional piece of information if you choose to share one with the community.

You do not need to submit anything to this dropbox to earn credit.