Virtual Artist Website Field Trip, art & design homework help

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Hi! Thanks for helping me! I’m now taking “environmental studies” lecture focusing on “imaginary of the environment”. I am assigned to submit below assignment, but I don’t have time to do it due to my major exams..

NOTE : PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THIS GUIDELINE VERY CAREFULLY(when you start writing, you must include everything listed below). If you missed one of them, I cannot accept it.


  1. View the Artist website server link below.
  3. In the upper right corner is a search box, type in key search words such as = Nature imagery painting (needs to have the word nature in it
  4. It will come up with page after page of artist websites that you can easily access with small samples of their work. 
  5. Scroll through until you come to 3 that caught your eye. 
  6. Open the 3 websites, view their work in the gallery, their artist’s bio, their artist’s statement if their is one. 
  7. Write at least a page on each artist covering the following:

a. Artist= name, background and inspiration

b. Art = medium used, description of imagery, what style of art would you sayt their work follows? ie abstract, realistic etc.

c. Your impression of the work= What drew you to this artist? What impact did the art and artist have on you?