VALS and PRIZM Analysis

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Before beginning this assignment, go to the following Strategic Business Insights website and explore the information on VALS (
Click on each of the eight types and read the descriptions that define each of the various behavioral classifications.

Then take the VALS survey ( PLEASE NOTE that you do not have to enter your email address for the survey to identify your VALS type; however, you do have to answer all the other questions. Your answers to the survey questions remain private and are not shared with the class or the instructor.


  • How is your behavior as a consumer consistent with the selected primary and secondary group classification descriptions?
  • What factors are most important, in your opinion, in landing you in those two categories (think friends, ethnicity, culture, religion, education, gender, age, life stage, etc.)? Briefly describe why each of the selected contributing factors is important in defining you as a member of these groups.
  • Give two examples of products/brands that you believe promote to and/or target one or more of these groups and give an example of a print or YouTube video ad that substantiates your claim. Provide APA citations of these examples in your references page and include any visuals along with your paper.

In addition to the advertising examples, include two or three other outside references to support your research and conclusions.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • 3-4 pages in length