USLABOR Writing Assignment 1600Words/12Font

As the Chesapeake region began to take shape, ideas of class were solidly entrenched. Still, enslaved Africans, European indentured servants, and Native Americans worked alongside one another as they cultivated tobacco. They also intermarried, socialized, ran away, and rebelled together.

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Over time, race would determine the identities and relative power of poor whites, Native Americans, and enslaved Africans as planters became fearful of interracial alliances that threatened their authority and profits.

How and under what circumstances did the colonizing elites create a white racial solidarity that allowed for the expansion of liberty among male colonists, on one hand, and a “barbarous system of human debasement” on the other? Conclude your paper by assessing the human cost and material progress of settlement.

Support your argument with specific evidence from class readings. Be sure to include a separate works cited page at the end of your paper (this page does not count as the total length of your paper). When referencing individual laws on slavery, cite the specific statute e.g., March 1660/ACT XVI.

IMPORTANT: NOT ALLOW use any outside sources. ONLY can use the sources(File 2-4) attached below please.