using web 2 0 technology for recruiting and selection

Assume that you are newly hired to work with a human resources management team in the City of Mansco. The city manager has asked you to review different approaches to implementing an updated recruitment and selection tool that taps online efficiencies. This review would encompass utilizing Web 2.0 technologies into the city’s plans for an updated recruitment and selection tool.

Write a 1,200 word paper in which you:

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  • Describe the process for candidate recruitment and on what the selection should focus.
  • Explain the technologies that might be utilized in this new process.
  • Discuss your learning viewpoint on Web 2.0 technologies as a way of recruiting qualified candidates.
  • Summarize what you and your management team’s implementation approach would be as it relates to the City of Mansco’s budgeting and fiscal planning process.

Please, format the paper consistent with APA guidelines.