Using a crisis model, describe how you will approach addressing Jeremy’s crisis, assignment help

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**Jeremy is a 23 year old male. He was recently fired from his job after testing positive for THC. For the past month he has been having marital problems and has been cheating on his wife. His wife has discovered his infidelity and today she has announced that she is leaving Jeremy. Jeremy’s parents are also frustrated with him. They are tired of his long-term THC use and have seen first-hand the problems that his THC usage have caused. Jeremy’s wife has asked him to leave, but his parents have declined to permit him live with them. Jeremy calls his wife and says that he’s, “ready to end it all.” The police arrive and transport Jeremy to the local crisis center. You are the Crisis worker assigned to help Jeremy.

***In a 1-2 page paper, address the following: Using a crisis model, describe how you will approach addressing Jeremy’s crisis. Using credible sources, defend your comments. Will the experts agree with your approach? Be specific. Give examples.

These are the points that she is looking for in the paper.

(What model are you using? Your primary task in crisis intervention is to ensure your clients’ safety. . It is important that you make an assessment of the immediate situation, especially of their coping resources. Develop contracts with clients who pose a danger to themselves, and plan specific methods to follow up after a session. Arranging for referrals is also very important part of this work. Ask yourself if you have enough knowledge and skill to assist your clients in crisis. Know your limits and the resources within the community that can serves as a lifeline for those working through a crisis. )