US Immigration and Public Policy, assignment help

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    • Is the public policy issue one that is faced by both the federal government and state governments?
    • How much does the public policy issue cost Americans? How much would it cost to address the issue? If the costs are unknown, why are they unknown?
  1. Discuss at least three proposed policies to address this issue.
  2. Recommend a solution to the policy concern from those proposed. Be sure to address the following in your recommendation:
    • Assess the administrative feasibility of the solution.
    • Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the solution.
    • Relate your recommendation back to the issues raised in the scope of the policy concern.

APA format (7) pages 

must identify a current public policy issue/controversy in the news today that would benefit from a policy change and include the following component
Please use five scholarly sources one being the one below and four more

Cropf, R. (2008). American Public Administration: Public Service for the 21st Century (1st ed.)

New York, NY: Pearson Longman.