unit 7 final assignment

Assignment Purpose: The role of a Hospital Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is complex. CEOs do not work alone, they report to a hospital board that helps guide the organization. Health care in the twenty-first century has many cutting edge solutions for medical ailments, but with that comes the need to think about the complexity of new policy implementation to support those solutions. As a CEO, you must have a solid foundation of what the past offered, be innovative in the present and always being looking for what is to come in the future.

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Assignment Directions: Your role in this scenario is that of the Hospital CEO. In a memo to your hospital board, propose what you believe will potential policy conflicts and what changes will need to be implemented for your organization to move forward. Indicate how these conflicts and changes will impact your patient population. In your memo include the following:

Introduction to the topic and your vision for the future·

Two to Three (2-3) paragraphs of substantive information you find through this week’s reading and subsequent research (make sure to cite according to APA requirements).

Conclusion with your final positive point for the Hospital Board to Consider.

There are memo templates located in the Resources folder for this unit. Or you can use a template from MSWord on your own computer.

This assignment is worth 130 pts and will be due on Sunday.