Unit 5 dicussion

Unit 5 Discussion: Attribute Control

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Attributes are characteristics associated with a product, service, or process that can be counted. For example, we can count the number of cars that have a scratched finish, we can count the number of containers that are damaged during shipping, we can count the number of packing lists that contain errors, and we can count the number of customers or patients who have waited more than an hour to be seen or heard.

We can then take this attribute data and chart the information. These charts show us where operations are working and where we need to make improvements. The first step in attribute control is gathering the data.

Note: You should know there are two types of Attribute Control Charts: C Charts (Count) show the number of defects per process. P Charts (Proportion) show the percentage or proportion of the number of defects. For this discussion, we will concern ourselves with defects or issues that we can count.


  • Select a product, a service, or a process in an organization or industry that reflects your present job or your career path. Your selection may also be a product or service that interests you. Identify and describe your selection and explain why you made this selection.
  • Identify at least four customer needs and expectations for this product, service, or process.
  • Identify and describe four possible attributes that you might chart. Rank these attributes in order of what you consider to be their importance.
  • Explain how you would go about determining what is correct and what should be improved. What are customer expectations? As an example, how many containers would a supplier expect to be damaged during shipping? How long would a patient expect to wait to see a doctor?