unit 1 founding fathers assignment


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In this section, you have read about the creation of the Constitution. There were many men involved in this process – our Founding Fathers. Do some research to reveal which of the Founders you believe made the most significant impact on shaping our government. Write a 2 page essay answering the following questions:

  • What contributions did this individual make in the creation of our government?
  • Why were these contributions so significant?

Include as much specific detail as possible. Be sure include a bibliography with your essay, citing at least three different research sources that you consulted in writing this essay.

Point value: 50 points

Grading Rubric:

  • Bibliography properly citing at least 3 different sources – 10 points
  • Essay makes a strong argument for the significance of the chosen Founder’s role in creating the government, based on facts from the research – 20 points
  • Essay is 2 full pages in length – 10 points
  • Essay stays on topic, focusing only on the chosen Founder – 10 points.