“Understanding the Constitution”

I can provide the link and sign on info for the textbook required for this question

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“Understanding the Constitution” Please respond to the following: PROVIDE SPECIFIC EVIDENCE FROM THIS WEEK’S WEBTEXTBOOK–NO OUTSIDE SOURCES in your response.

  • Using your Webtextbook, the supplemental resource featured this week and this link to the US Constitution https://www.constituteproject.org/constitution/United_States_of_America_1992,
  • Read Article II Section 1 of the Constitution on the Electoral College (Be sure to focus only on the Electoral College and not the requirements or term of office, etc, only the Electoral College).
  • Next, CAREFULLY read the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights about the “Right to Bear Arms…”
  • Now in a 400 word (guideline) post describe what you think each of these two parts of the Constitution ACTUALLY MEAN ONLY based on the events in and surrounding the Constitutional Convention. Think about the critical issues the colonists had gone through for the past 11 years before the Constitutional Convention, and, how the history they were making would effect the thinking of the founding Fathers at the Convention and not what we think it means today.
  • We are trying to understand these two documents in light of the history we have just read in the web text. This is an exercise in careful reading of the language used in each of the two parts of the Constitution using critical thinking, NO OPINIONS!