Uber Discussion Question (1 page response), writing homework help

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For this Discussion, find an article on collective bargaining, and consider how the information might inform your role as an educational leader.

Post a summary of a current scholarly article regarding collective bargaining. Explain the implications of this article for your district. Detail how you might use this information to inform your role as an educational leader or administrator. Provide an example of collective bargaining in your district, and explain your perspective of how effectively this is implemented. Finally, explain the implications of policy violations regarding collective bargaining in your district. 

Note: The instructor is very strict with APA 6th edition formatting. Please use correct APA formatting and proper reference and citation formatting. If you are not sure please google how to correctly format your references. Do not forget to list your references and you must include the in-text citations. Also please use current (meaning within the past 2 years) scholarly journal articles as references. Thanks.