two short writing assignments for english I need done in 9 hours

That’s the first assignment

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For our first 020 connection, please watch the video below, titled Grit.…

Once you have watched the video at least twice, respond to the following questionsin a short paragraph each (200-400 words).

1. Describe one time in your own personal life where you had be “gritty?” What happened? Who was there? Where was it? How did it all end?

2. How do you plan to use grit this semester as you go through your college classes? Why is it important to have grit here? How will it help you be successful?

And this is the second assingment


Please select one of the four prompts below and respond to it with as much detail as possible. Note that this assignment is not graded in the general sense. I will give you 10 points for simply submitting it. However, it will give me the chance to get to know you, get to know your writing, and see what we should be working on this semester, so please take it seriously and put forward your very best impression.

– You are here today at Southwestern College to get an education. Why is education important? Give two reasons and explain them with details and examples.

– Who is your hero? In other words, what person has influenced your life? Explain why this person is your hero with details and examples.

– What qualities, or characteristics, make a person successful in his/her life? Think of 2-3 qualities. Explain these characteristics with details and examples.

– What are your interests? Think of 2-3 things that you like to do. Explain these activities and the reasons that you enjoy them. Support your ideas with details and examples.