Toulmin model

Write a sample Toulmin Model

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Here is the template for your sample Toulmin Model.

  • Grounds:
  • Backing for Grounds:
  • Claim:
  • Warrant:
  • Backing for Warrant:
  • Reservations
  • Qualifier:

Below is an example of what I am expecting:

  • Grounds: Enrique posted a complete Toulmin Model in a class discussion
  • Backing for Grounds: I read the Toulmin Model post of Enrique
  • Claim: Enrique understands the Toulmin Model
  • Warrant: Any student who can post a complete Toulmin Model in the discussion understands the Toulmin Model.
  • Backing for Warrant: Years of experience in teaching indicates this.
  • Reservations: Unless a student cheats and someone else posts the Toulmin Model. Qualifier: Most likely. Here is a tutorial that should also help you out.
  • Then describe what you did.