TOPIC: Anger and EI

Components of Writing Assignment:

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Part I: Overview of Emotional Intelligence Related Topic or Subtopic Present basic overview of topic/subtopic

Part II: Link to the Workplace – or – Employee Success Students identify connection between EI and the workplace

Part III: Opinion Statement on Topic Students exhibit critical thinking on Parts I and II

USE THE TEMPLATE when developing the writing assignment. All papers should be formatted EXACTLY the same according to the order of the parts noted above and on the template.

There is only 1 area of the paper where opinions should be shared: Part III.

Word Limit:

The maximum length for this assignment is 1,100 words broken down in the following way:

600 words: Overview

250 words: Connection to the Workplace

250 words: Opinion Statement


A MINIMUM of 4 resources are required.

Students should be able to discern a high-quality resource from “Internet junk” and “Emotional Intelligence related junk.” The quality of resources one uses is graded (see grading rubric.)

Some resources are available for student use on the Writing Assignment #2 and #3 Resources page. (NOTE: These resources are cited in APA format.)

Depending on the topic and the perspective on which the student chooses to develop the paper, there may be resources within the CREIO website, and websites hosted by theorists such I am happy to assist you with thinking of locations that may have the resources associated with your topic and perspective you are bringing to the presentation of the topic beyond what I have already offered on the Resources page.