Topic 4 DQ 1-1

Please make comments to text below. Included references & citation as you need it.

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The best way a nurse can gather cultural information about patients is completing a thorough assessment. This begins at the start of care. This helps the nurse provide patient-tailored care. The Heritage Tool (HAT) is an effective tool to use to gather cultural information. “The HAT is a succinct survey that assists the nurse in obtaining basic but crucial information regarding the patient’s culture, beliefs, needs and practices that may affect his or her care and treatment (Grand Canyon University, 2018, chapter 3).”

Nurses are expected to be culturally competent. “Cultural competency means being aware of differences related to culture and adjusting plans of care accordingly as well as remaining sensitive and respectful of choices patients may make based on their culture.” A patient’s health is influenced by a number of factors such as religious, economic, social and cultural. By considering all of these factors, the nurse can develop a plan of care that is suited for the patient. This will result in a higher patient compliance rate. By being culturally sensitive, you are being respectful of the choice patients make based on their culture. Cultural competence assists the nurse in providing holistic care that addresses both their psychosocial and physical health care needs.

Some ways that a nurse can demonstrate cultural competence is considering the family dynamics. Some cultures appoint someone to be the decision maker of the family, so it is important that we can take into consideration the roles within the families. Another way is respecting cultural beliefs such as the subject of blood within the Jehovah’s Witnesses culture.

Have anyone experienced a time where you were culturally incompetent unknowingly?

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