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I want you to continue writing a research annotated bibliography for me using some of the websites and books that are written in the buttom of this message. No problem if you want to add some good sources, but at least there should be around 10 sources ( there should be at least two books of the once below). Moreover, in the word file attached, there is something wrong in the MLA format, and I want you to add more details in the annotations. (Now, the topic of the research is different type of automotive engines and I want to focus on the differences especially with the rotary engines and the problems in each engine and why one is better than the other one).


( After reviewing the annotated bibliography with the professor, and accepting the topic of the research, I’ll let you write the research paper.)









-Automotive engines

By Alexander A. Stotsky

-Internal Combustion Engines

By Colin R. Ferguson, Allan. Kirkpatrick

-Opposed piston engines

By Jean-Pierre. Pirault, Martin. Flint.

-Rotary Valve Engines

By Marcus Charles Inman. Hunter

-Alternative engines for road vehicles

By M. L. Poulton

-Rotary engine design: analysis and developments

By Society of Automotive Engineers

-Rotary engine performance limits predicted by a zero dimentional model

By Timothy A. Bartrand, Edward A. Willis