time value money tvm eassy

You are tasked with writing an article review using a scholarly article from the CSU Online Library or another reputable source. You must choose an article that discusses the time value of money (TVM) and health care.

As you read the article, consider the following questions: How could the topic of this article apply to your personal or professional life? How could it apply to an organization you have observed? Why is the TVM significant to the healthcare setting?

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Use the following guidelines to prepare your article review:

  • Your essay should be at least two pages in length.
  • Identify the main topic/question.
  • Who is the author’s intended audience?
  • Summarize the article.
  • State how the article relates to the topic.
  • Report your key learning regarding the selected topic.
  • State what is useful and how you can utilize it in quantitative methods for health care.

Format your article review using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations for other articles as needed to avoid plagiarism.